Research Center for Trusted Computing

Dr. Ofer Markman

Head of Advisory Board

Previously founder and CEO of ProCognia and NutriCognia ($25M, $10M), and head of life-sciences innovation hub of Haifa. Ofer now heads Asparna's Advisory Board after serving as a managing partner and an executive director since 2016.


Ph.D. Boston College; Major (res.) in Israelli intelligence corps.  Inventor of 3 patents and co-inventor in 5 more.  

Previously co-founder or CEO in Topscan Inc; MindCite Ltd and CogniTest Ltd, and a founding team member of Hermelin College and Xpert Unix Systems.  Etamar transferred his technologies to Asparna for Research and Commercialization.


MBA University of Liverpool (Russell Group); Major (res.) in Israelli intelligence corps.  Investor of 3 patents and co-inventor in 3 more.

Etamar Laron

Founder, Chair

Previously with Insup Lee Real-Time Systems Group; Carl A. Gunter Illinois Security Lab.  Michael supervises over 15 of Asparna Research projects, and manages our academia relationships since 2015.


Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania on Privacy APIs formal models;  Michael has published numerous academic publications on relevant topics.  Co-inventor of a US patent.

Dr. Michael J. May

Head of Research

Previously customer success manager of, a 72-million users VPN service, Nimrod brings 20 years of Networking and Internet Security experience to head Asparna Products commercial effort.


B.A. Industrial Engineering, Ruppin academic college.  Master Sgt (res.) Paratrooper corps.

Nimrod Geller

Product Line Manager

Business enterprises - and public-service institutions as well - are organs of society.  They do not exist for their own sake, but to fulfill a specific social purpose and to satisfy a specific need of a society, a community, or individuals.  They are not ends in themselves, but means.


PETER DRUCKER, The Dimensions of Management

Task of top management will be to balance the three dimensions of the corporation: as an economic organization, as a human organization, and as an increasingly important social organization.


PETER DRUCKER, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices (2008)