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Over the past 10 years, Asparna has been researching innovative ways to automate key industries where we can bring a tenfold (x10) improvement in Costs, Data Privacy and Intelligent Automation.  Some of our research projects can provide "10 x 10" multiplication by improving 2 or more axes at the same time.


You can begin introducing yourself to our work at IEEE IFIP NTMS'2019 (June 2019) and ACM Transactions of Storage Vol 15 Issue 1 (Apr 2019) for more information.


Asparna is also seeking investment and participation in national and continental grant programmes as well as partners to commence our upcoming commercialisation efforts in 2021.

At Asparna, we research innovative ways to maintain data privacy and data integrity.  


Click here to find papers, trend analysis, links and other key resources on digital data privacy.


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Asparna Research Center for Trusted Computing

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Automating the entire lifecycle of files for smarter computing that you can trust.

Asparna has led research in over 20 projects with over 50 researchers.  Some of our research is part of academic joint-ventures where academic researchers receive credit for their work.  We also work with independent researchers on a smaller range of projects.

2021 | New patent application for Donag Filo project!

2021 | European projects start - February 2021!

2020 | Research projects N201, F201

2020 | +2 Projects achieved TRL 4 & 5

2019 | Israel Post - pilot LOI won

2019 | +3 Research projects achieved TRL 4

2019 | +1 Research projects achieved TRL 3

2019 | Israel Ministry of Health - pilot LOI won

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