Accelerated Innovation towards Humanistic Values in Technology

Ever since its inception in 2010, Asparna has taken the road less taken: innovation that puts human values before short-term profits, for long-term sustainability and growth.

Or Gavish

2x CEO, 1x Founder, 7x Years Social & Medical entrepreneurship, 20x Years experience in Education

Etamar Laron

7x Ventures, 3x Founder, 3x CEO, 6x Patents, Intelligence Major, 31x Years Experience, 2x Exits, MBA Liverpool University

Dr. Ofer Markman

7x Ventures, 3x Founder, 2x CEO, 13x Patents, Intelligence Major, 32x Years Experience, 2x Exits, PhD Boston College

Our Team

Dr. Ella Kanner

23x years executive coaching, 11x years mgt Kibbutzim Seminar. Investor, Board member, PhD MB Medical University, CA, USA.

Founders: Asparna | Etamar Laron & Dr. Ofer Markman

Inventing the world's best data-compression engine took 4 years of incubation at Asparna's labs, and then commercially as a subsidiary of Asparna with full technology transfer in 2022. By the end of 2023 Filo is a 15-person Startup at EU TRL 7 completing level 8, readiness to market. Filo was funded in 1 family office round and 2 capital rounds at pre-seed, seed and Series A.

Founder: Nitzan Kish

Providing a fashionable sense of security, Wonder Jewel is a unique blend of technology into a potentially life-saving jewelry that can be programmed to assist you at emergencies. It helps both locally and immediately and engages social connections and authorities when at risk

Out of stealth mode

Founders: Asparna | Etamar Laron & Dr. Ofer Markman

Revolutionises document signing across the globe, offering a completely private and secure platform that can be deployed worldwide. With no additional costs per user or document, our platform streamlines the document signing process for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that your data remains confidential and protected at all times. Experience the future of document signing with our innovative, cost-effective solution.