Asparna and IPN collaborate in Coimbra, PT

Asparna establishes a branch for its research center in Coimbra, along with IPN and Habait

Dr. Ofer Markman

6/6/20241 min read

Tel Aviv, Israel. Asparna, Israel's only private venture studio and research center for computer science, establishes its first branch in Coimbra, Portugal.

Asparna shall be expanding its research center by partnering with Institute Pedro Nunez (IPN).  This collaboration was initiated to increase the technology and innovation flow among the Startup Nation and Portugal.  It shall connect IPN, Portugal's award winning private non-profit organisation, which promotes innovation and the transfer of technology, with immediate pre-screened access to top upstart companies in Israel, upcoming technologies and intellectual property. 

Etamar Laron, Filo Systems' President and Asparna venture studio's CEO.